Valentine’s Day on a Budget


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and everywhere you look you are bombarded with adverts or talk show segments compelling you to buy for and celebrate your loved one. But times are hard out there for everyone and many are struggling to make ends meet. What if you are on a tight budget and unable to spend much or anything at all? What do you do?

Do not fret as we have a few ideas to help. Just because you are on a budget does not mean you can not spoil and have fun with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.


Love Vouchers – a book of vouchers that you exchange in return for favours of love. These could be anything you wish as you are creating them! Anything from having chores done, to a massage, role play or something for the bedroom.

Games – doesn’t matter what the game is. A board game, love themed charades or hide the sausage, as long as it is just the two of you it is sure to be fun and romantic!

Candlelit Bubble bath – with a nice glass of wine. This is a great way to destress and relax. It is also a great bonding time if you do it together. There are no distractions in the bathroom so you can have great conversation or just spend the time gazing into each others eyes or scrubbing each others backs! Don’t forget to blow the candles out!Candle_flame_(1)

Walk around a scenic area – depending on weather! We have had a lot of rain and wind in the UK so not advisable to walk near rivers or lakes right now; however, a walk around a scenic area where you can appreciate the beauty can be very romantic and often makes a change from the hectic lives that we lead!

Movie Night in – Sky on demand, Netflix, Love Film, however you watch your films at home. Flick the TV on, pop some popcorn and put your feet up. If you are lucky, hopefully all you will see is the beginning of the film and the credits!

Radio shout out – call into the radio station that your partner listens to and ask them to do a special shout out ( I can not claim credit for this idea, my girl Toni suggested it as well as the next one!)

Mixtape – ok, nowadays it would likely be a playlist of some kind but chose songs that mean something to you both. Or songs with lyrics that describe your relationship or feelings towards each other ( maybe stay away from Kelis’ I hate you so much )

Dress Up – it can be kinky, sexy or just plain funny, what ever floats your boat!


Dine in – who ever normally does the cooking gets to put their feet up while the other half cooks ( and this is not a sexist suggestion as in my case I would have to cook for my husband 😉 ) photo (11)

Cinema – if buying popcorn goes over budget then buy it before hand and stick it in your handbag (I never suggested that! I also never suggested that this could be a completely free option if you pull the fire alarm and go jump into a screen when everyone goes back in – oh so romantic).

Bunch of roses – a bunch of flowers always brings a smile to the face and gives a warm fuzzy feeling! Add a bottle of wine for a fun, relaxed evening.roses

So there you have it. A few free and low cost Valentine’s ideas from Tiffany Jade. But remember, when you are in love, everyday is Valentine’s Day!! 😀

P.S. If you are single, ignore all the smooching couples and do something nice for yourself! 🙂 

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