Look through your drawers!!

I am not ashamed to admit it. When I look in my drawers, there are panties that I have owned for many, many years. My bra drawer is even worst!

Why do we think we need new clothes whenever the season changes but we do not pay the same attention to our underwear? Over the years we put on/lose weight, bras become slacker and breast size also goes up and down. We NEED new underwear. On a regular basis, we should treat ourselves to new underwear just like we do with clothes. Winter is coming and I am sure a lot of you are considering a new winter coat!

At Tiffany Jades Lingerie we have offers to help you treat yourself to some new underwear: Tiffany Jades Lingerie - Precious Panties

Save £5 when you spend £30 on panties

We offer sexy briefs, thongs and shorts but we also offer gorgeous and practical everyday panties. Have a look here. This is an ongoing offer.

Tiffany Jades Lingerie - Bra Sets

Save £5 off any two items in our bra section

Why not make it a matching set? Or treat yourself to two bras? We feature everyday, elegant, sexy and bridal bra sets. Check them out here. This offer ends on 31 October 2013.

These offers will automatically be added to your shopping basket. UK Delivery is free on all orders of £50+. International delivery is also available.

We will be introducing new offers so why not sign up to our blog to stay updated. We will also update you with the new products that we are always adding to the site.

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